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Museums to visit in Romagna

A dip in art: the most beautiful museums to visit in Romagna

Those who love art and sea life will not be disappointed by the coast: the museums to visit in Romagna are many, from the ancient monuments of Ravenna to temporary exhibitions, up to those for children.

Traveling in time and beauty

From the Romans to contemporary art

Romagna is a land rich in history: here lived emperors and artists in the past Roman times, the Malatesta left their mark on the landscape by building fortresses and castles, here were born Giovanni Pascoli and Francesco Baracca. The local museums preserve hundreds of stories, starting from the monuments and mosaics that adorned Ravenna, the capital of the Roman empire and the Byzantine exarchate. The vicissitudes of commanders and emperors ran parallel to those of the common people, guarded by the testimonies of the Archaeological Museum of Sarsina. Later, the lord of Cesena built the Malatesta Library, which contains the essence of humanistic culture. The Museum Houses of poets and writers tell the everyday life of the protagonists of modernity, from Aurelio Saffi to Giosue Carducci.

San Domenico Museums

For some years now the San Domenico Museums in Forlì have been hosting temporary exhibitions that attract thousands of visitors: from Canova to Art Deco, from Elliott Erwitt’s photography to the art of the ‘500, scheduled for 2018.

Domus del Chirurgo

It is one of the museums not to be missed for those on holiday in Romagna: you can see the home of a doctor of the second century AD, admire the mosaics that decorated it and discover the many surgical instruments of its owner.

Villa Franceschi.

A few steps from the beach of Riccione, in an elegant villa of the early ‘900, the works of the Pinacoteca d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea are exhibited. You can immerse yourself in the twentieth century artistic novelties and discover the temporary exhibitions.

At the museum with the children

Among the many places to discover in the Romagna hills there are also some museums for children. The Rocca delle Fiabe of Sant’Agata Feltria will amaze you: in an ancient medieval castle, paths dedicated to the most beloved traditional stories have been set up, from Cinderella to the Little Prince, for a magical journey through images, objects and characters. Inside the Park of the Casentinesi Forests there is the Idromuseo di Ridracoli, dedicated to nature, with a central office from which three outdoor itineraries depart to discover the dam and the woods that surround it.

Ravenna and its ancient monuments

Ravenna was the capital of the Western Roman Empire and the Byzantine Exarchate: in that period it was enriched with extraordinary buildings, whose exterior simplicity introduces the shining beauty of the coloured and golden mosaics.

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